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The resources offered by the School-Farm of Barreiros and its natural surroundings provide the children the base of their knowledge.

Resources from the farm:

  • The farm animal breeds:

Celtic pigs, chickens of Mos, Galician blond cows, sheep, rabbits, a Galician thoroughbred horse, etc.

  • The organic vegetable garden and crop fields (corn, wheat, potatoes, beets, etc..)..
  • The weather station.
  • Orchard: apple trees, chestnut trees, walnut trees , among others.
  • Greenhouses.
  • The oak grove.
  • The pond.
  • Spacious rooms for workshops and agricultural activities.

Resources from the natural and rural surroundings:

  • The surrounding forests: oak grove, chestnut...
  • The surrounding streams.
  • The villages for the study of architecture.
  • The Pilgrim’s Road to Santiago (El Camino de Santiago).
  • Different routes for the natural and historical-artistic heritage study.


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