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The farm of Barreiros, placed in Sarria (Lugo), is a pioneering and modern project of Environmental Education in Galicia.
It was founded in 1939 by the philanthropist and entrepreneur, Antonio Fernández López. It counted on modern facilities and machinery, in order to be a model to improve the agricultural techniques used until that age. These facilities are protected as part of the rustic architectonic heritage.

Subsequently, he founded in 1948 the Agricultural Primary School of the Farm of Barreiros, which included among its many activities the organization of Training Courses for teachers in order to protect the rural Galician culture, modernize the countryside and the rural Galician heritage. The methodology and the contents, based on the cycles of nature, prepared the students for a bright future.
As a didactic support for this educational project, Antonio Fernández López promoted the creation of school vegetable gardens in the schools of the province.

In 1950 Antonio Fernandez Lopez founded, in Lugo, the Colegio Fingoi, with an innovative educational model. In 1985 the Colexio Fingoi, is in charge of this educational effort, offering at the farm facilities activities and Training Courses in various fields throughout the year. These are intended for all schools, both of Galicia as the rest of the country, which wish to take part in school visits and summer camps, as well as all for  young people, adults, teachers, leisure time monitors and anyone interested in Environmental Education..

The weather station of Barreiros, which was set up in 1943 by the chemist Valentín Sobrini Mezquiriz, head of the Northwest weather  area, located in A Coruña, started to collect data from October that year. This weather station completed and optimized the tasks to improve the agricultural techniques, which had already begun at the farm in 1939.
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