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Our project


The school-farm of Barreiros created a project of cultural and environmental education in 1984, following the pedagogical model of the Colexio Fingoi (1950) and the Escuela Agrícola de la Granxa de Barreiros (1948), aimed at children, teenagers and adults.


The stay at the Farm is

a way to learn to love

and value life.


It provides children, teenagers and adults a place to meet, exchange and learn with the purpose of educating and raising awareness on the current environmental problems, contributing to the development of a more fair, sustainable and balanced society in a world in constant change.

Here, everyone learns to be oneself, to think, to share experiences, to behave and make one’s mind, in a shared task among all the members of the farm.

The activities are designed according to the seasonal cycles. The source of knowledge is the natural and rural surrounding area of the Farm..

The treks, different interdisciplinary workshops, simulation games… are the daily resources which we use to learn, to develop attitudes of respect and care for nature, tolerance, and for the development of critical minds. The connection with the rural surroundings enables the recovery of our traditions through the elaboration of handcrafted products, recycling materials, and taking part in diverse processes of transformation in order to understand the origin of many of the products which we use daily.

En In Barreiros we try to combine the culture and the values of our Galician people with the training for the brightest future, by means of an education for Arts and Communication. Therefore, we develop numerous activities which encourage creativity, imagination and autonomy as well as progress in the interpersonal relationships and coexistence..

Health education is an important goal. From the beginning we consider food as one of the most important requirements of human life. We worry that the menus fulfill all the dietary needs of each age and so, we use fresh, healthy, natural, quality products, many of them made on the farm, which vary depending on the season.



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