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Not many things are as interesting as cloudspotting,
enjoying their shapes, become familiar with their whims...

       ...for yet another year, we propose this meeting dedicated to clouds
strategies to capture them and ways to understand them
  learn how to distinguish them and getting to know them in depth...

...spending some days of sharing with the aim to learn how clouds
are built up
, how we have tried to immortalize them from
the very beginning of time
, how we can listen to them... and even
how we continue to try to speak to them
in many different ways

... in addition to being one of the the greatest
-and democratic- wonders of nature, clouds have the advantage
that they are not limited companies, not even individuals,
they constantly change in appearance and location,
they have no price tags,
they are truly priceless...

... so no government in the whole world
will ever be able to tax on watching or enjoying them...
(although, on second thought...  we would rather not give any ideas!)

Third Congress Programme

-The program of the Congress is only directed to an adult audience-

· Friday 22nd ·

from 19:30 Guests and lecturers welcome.
  Dinner with organic products from Granxa de Barreiros.

· Saturday 23rd ·

09:30     Breakfast —Including coffee/tea with, of course, a cloud of milk—.
10:30   Conference reception and opening.

11:00   Luke Howard: the man who named the clouds
by José Miguel Viñas, meteorologist and communicator, current president of ACOMET —Association for Meteorological Communicators—.

   Variations of cinema and clouds
by Esmeralda Barriendos, translator, film critic, with whom we will go for a stroll among pictures in order to discover how some of the most interesting creators of the so-called seventh art have portrayed clouds.

   Lunch with organic products from Granxa de Barreiros.

16:30   Nap, looking at the sky —optional, of course—.

17:00   Cloud hunting walk.
During this stroll we will implement the acquired knowledge and skills learnt with José Miguel Viñas, also to be accompanied by Rubén del Campo. After, or during the walk, we will proceed to the following activity:

   Visit-inauguration of Granxa Escola Barreiros cyanometer

Inspiraded in the one invented by  H.B. de Saussure in 1789 – Because clouds are not always present and the blue in the sky is never the same–.
This walk will be lead by Fernando Fuentes, who will explain what Saussure´s contribution meant, and how his invention has inspired some of the present day creators, who have developed beautiful pieces of art based on it.


   Concert with Fetén Fetén: Nefelibatas.

A musical stroll in the clouds, with the duet formed by Diego Galaz —violin, handsaw, trumpet violin, phonoviolin, mandolin, seagulls and… cows— and Jorge Arribas —accordion, vibrandoneón, camping chair-flute, vulture ulna pipe, castanets and… cowbell—.

(more or less) From this time on, unexpected things may occur...
 Nebula, shooting stars, films and short films about clouds…but you never know... It all  depends...

· Sunday 24th ·

from 8:00   Self-service breakfast for early-risers.

8:30   Dawn, Morning cloud hunting walk —optional—.
Paratrike flights —to see the clouds up close, all morning until 14:30—.
For the less daring –or the most cautious– it is always possible to go for a relaxing walk among oaks and mist...

  The Photometeors: colours in the clouds   
by Rubén del Campo Hernández; Meteorology Technician  in AEMET, State Meteorological Agency, and meteorological communicator.

   The time of love: the Treatise on clouds by Rafael Pérez Estrada and Kalidasa´s Meghaduta (The cloud messenger), by Jesús Aguado, poet. Pérez Estrada and Kalidasa meet on a cloud and they talk about life, happiness poetry, wind, birds, and, of course, love. Cosmological and deeply human in equal proportion, we will pay close attention to what they told each other.

   Closure and farewell lunch for cloudologists, “cloud walkers”, and nephelococcygia fans.

Attendance diploma delivery and likely final surprises which have to do with clouds stuff, as usual, during dessert.

Lecturers / Guests

José Miguel Viñas_

Air Physicist and scientific Communicator, specialist in Meteorology and related subjects. He is an OMM and MoMet Project, (project to update Mexican meteorological service), consultant. He is a founding member and current president of ACOMET (Association for Meteorological Communicators), member of AME (State Meteorological Agency), AEC (Spanish Climatology Association) and of AECC (Spanish Association of Science Communication). He regularly contributes to a multitude of scientific and divulgatory publications and lectures in conferences and seminars throughout Spain. He has so far published five divulgatory books, on multiple weather and climate related matters.
His works as a meteorologist in different TV, radio, press and internet media are outstanding, as well as his teaching work, as an Aeronautical Meteorology professor (Aerea FTO, Aeromadrid).
As for his work in television, he was part of Antena 3 News Services team of meteorology experts. From 2004 he is a regular contributor in RNE, conducting different sections in No es un día cualquiera, a radio magazine directed and conducted by Pepa Fernández. His program El tiempo del tiempo (The weather´s time) was awarded in 2006 with an Honourable Mention in the seventh edition of the contest Ciencia en Acción (Science in Action). In 2007-2008 he lead Las claves del clima (The climate keys), a monograph dedicated to climate change, and in 2008-2009 he collaborated in Juan Ramón Lucas program, En días como hoy, with a section on meteorology divulgation.

Esmeralda Barriendos_

Translator and film critic, she atended the specialisation master´s course on cinematography in the Film History and Aesthetics Chair at the University of Valladolid.She has been regularly collaborating with the digital magazine “” for some years, translating cinema-related texts. She has been accredited by international festivasl, where she attends as a correspondent- Cannes, Venice, Berlin…-writing about the projected films. She has been a pupil of Víctor Erice, Abbas Kiarostami and José Luis Guerin, and she occasionally collaborates with the Valencian Culture Institute, from Generalitat Valenciana (Valencian government), (IVAC La Filmoteca).

Fetén, Fetén: Diego Galaz y Jorge Arribas_

Fetén Fetén is far more than Jorge Arribas and Diego Galaz musical project, it is the soul´s language made harmony. Its earliest measures were listened back in 2009, from these musicians from Burgos need to provide a soundtrack for their influences and memories. Fetén Fetén music is a journey through our roots and traditions memory. Their compositions lead us, in dance rhythm, for fox-trot, waltz, chotis, seguidillas or habaneras, rocking us with their chords throughout the Iberian Peninsula, and making us fly from Italy to Japan, or from Argentina to Portugal.

Fetén Fetén live offers a repertoire of sensations through their instrumental records, Fetén Fetén (2011), Bailables (2014) and Cantables (2016) perfectly blending with their audience. Their enthusiasm is conveyed in each concert, from auditoriums to town squares, moving both children and adults. Wherever their music speaks, words are needless.

Here is what critics have said about their concerts:

“Undoubtebly the best live band suitable for all audiences” (Diego Manrique)

“Extraordinary live performance by some singular great musicians who live up to their name” (Diario Crítico)

“Fetén Fetén prove that other kind of music is possible” (El País)

“A feast of sounds and emotions” (

“A joyful and dynamic show filled with improvisation and emotions through popular music” (20 minutos)

“Fetén Fetén duet belong to that risky lineage of raw musicians, endowed with knowledge and curiosity to simultaneously deliver and receive (…) their music is engaging, close and playful.” (Metrópoli, El Mundo).

Rubén del Campo_

Meteorology Technician and AEMET (State Meteorological Agency) Meteorology observer in the Atmospheric Observatory of Izaña, located over 2,300 meters high, on Tenerife island. Biologist and science disseminator, he has implemented the radiation measurement and atmospheric components quality control within OMM´s  GAW (Global Atmosphere Watch) Program. As AEMET´s deputy spokesperson, he has been in charge of media relations, creation and dissemination of contents in social networks, he has managed the contents in AEMET´s website and contributed to the development of the Association´s internal communication newsletter. Member of the task force in charge of the creation of a glossary compilating meteorological terms and partner in AEMET Phenological Observations Programme.

Jesús Aguado_

Poet, translator and publisher. He was born in Madrid (1960), although he lived in Seville from the age of two, and later he has lived in Varanasi (India) and Málaga and he currently lives in Barcelona.

He is the author, among others, of the following books: Libro de homenajes (Hiperión, Madrid, 1993), El fugitivo (Pre-textos,Valencia, 1998), The Poems of Vikram Babu (Hiperión, Madrid, 1993), Lo que dices de mí (Pre-textos, Valencia, 2002), Heridas (Renacimiento, Sevilla, 2004), La astucia del vacío. Cuadernos de Benarés: 1987-2004 (Ediciones Narila, Málaga, 2005 and DVD, 2010), El fugitivo. Poesía reunida: 1984-2010 (Vaso Roto, Madrid, 2011), La insomne. Antología esencial (FCE, Madrid, 2013), Sueños para Ada (Hiperión, Madrid, 2014), La luna se mueve sola (Isla de Siltolá, Sevilla, 2015), Carta al padre (Vandalia, Sevilla, 2016).
Among his publications one can highlight: Antología de poesía devocional de la India (Índica-Etnos, Varanasi, India, 1998 and Olañeta, 2007), Kabir. Poemas breves (Olañeta-Índica, Palma de Mallorca, 2001), La casa se mueve. Antología de la nueva poesía cubana (maRemoto, Málaga, 2001, with Aurora Luque), Antología de poemas de las tribus de la India (ma- Remoto, Málaga, 2003), No pasa nada. Los poetas beats y Oriente (El Bardo, Barcelona, 2007), Fugitivos. Antología de poesía española contemporánea (FCE, 2016), Therigatha. Poemas budistas de mujeres sabias (Kairós, 2016) and ¿En qué estabas pensando? Poesía devocional de la India, siglos V-XIX (FCE, 2017.
From 2016 he coordinates, for Fundación Rafael Pérez Estrada, from Málaga, the Seminario de la imaginación: Estar en las nubes. Símbolos e imaginación poética (The Imagination Seminar: Being in the clouds: Symbols and poetic imagination).

In 2015 he was awarded the Manuel Alcántara poetry prize for the verses in Intemperie del deseo.

Exhibition_ Jean-Marc Troubet “Troubs”_

Illustrator, comic artist and traveller, native to Bordeaux, France (1969. After finishing his Secondary Education, he enters the School of Fine Arts in Toulouse and he leaves as a graduate in Angoulême, in 1993. He moves to Dordogne, and in between journey and journey, he starts writing, takins notes and drawing books, which he often narrates using first person, in a travel journal style.

Among his publications, they must be highlighted: La longue marche des éléphants, co-directed with Nicolas Dumontheuil (Futuropolis, 2017), Chemins de pierres, (éditions Les Requins marteaux, 2016), J’veux pas oublier mon chat, (éditions L’école des Loisirs, Collection Mille Bulles, 2015), Va’a, (éditions Futuropolis, Co-réalisé avec Benjamin Flao, 2014), Le goût de la terre, (L’Association, 2013) with Edmond Baudoin, Capitale : Vientiane, (Les Requins Marteaux, with Marc Pichelin and Kristof Guez, 2012), Viva la vida, (L’Association, 2012) with Edmond Baudoin, La troupe, (MaxMilo Jeunesse, 2009), Le Paradis... en quelque sorte, (éditions Futuropolis, 2008), Troub’s en Chine, (éditions Alain Beaulet, 2006). In 2011 Astiberri Publishers released two of the booklets created in collaboration with Edmond Baudoin in Spanish language: Viva la vida. Los sueños de Ciudad Juárez and El sabor de la tierra. Figurando Recuerdos Ediciones has publlished both the Galician and Spanish versions of Meuh ! Au prè des vaches, (éditions Rackham, 2000), translated by Rosa Espiñeira (Muuh! No prado das vacas; Muhh! En el prado de las vacas, 2015) a fantasy book, with cows, plenty of cows and many, many clouds. Finally, in 2017 Figurando Recuerdos has published- also translated by Espiñeira- the book La bouille, (A alquitara, El alambique).

Stroll-lecture_ Fernando Fuentes_

Founding member of the Iberian Association of Cloudspotters. He keeps the Association´s log book and, together with Germán Díaz and the Congress work team, he coordinates the contents in these cloudy meetings.
Coming from the architecture field, his professional activities include the creation of corporate image, film set design, exhibitions and ephemeral architecture, film art direction, editorial design and co-ordination, record editing and production, interior design and the creation of sound spaces, landscapes and gardens.

As a photographer he keeps the photographic account “todo empieza caminando en silencio” open, in which he blends in photography and direct action, poetic text and audience participation. The first exhibition of this work (Valladolid, November 2015) kept shifting in every instance, since every person could take away- from all the exhibited photographs- those which resulted the most appealing in the eye of the beholder.
He does not have a website, since he prefers face to face contact, and -when required- he exhibits his work at home, on his studio table, around a cup of coffee, or strolling up to them, in the old ways.

During his leisure time, he relentlessly researches about clouds and their varied worlds.
In 2004 he founded- alongside his brother Germán Díaz- Producciones Efímeras, so he will continue to be among clouds.

Registration and fee


Granxa-Escola de Barreiros, S.L.
 Crta. Sarria-Paradela-Portomarín, km 54 (LU-633)
Tel.(+34) 982 533 656  - (+34) 698 129 000


1º. Please confirm that there is vacancy and apply for registration calling the following numbers: (+34) 982 284 094 / (+34) 982 221 630 or via email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2º. Once your vacancy is confirmed, please, download HERE the Registration Form, fill in your details, sign it and email it to the email address above.

Registration deadline: Thursday, September, 21st, 2017, at 13:00 h.
Granxa Escola reserves the right to cancel the Congress in case the minimum number of participants is not met.

Conference+ full board+ accommodation in the Farm: 150 €
(Hostel, rooms for 4, 6, 8 and 10 people in bunk beds available)

Conference + lunch+ dinner, without accommodation: 120 €

(Contact us about other options calling the booking phone numbers: Full Saturday only, Saturday afternoon /evening and Sunday, concert only, group discount, etc.)


Paratrike activity:
Additional charge, per person, yet to be determined.
(It is necessary to know the number of people interested in this activity to hire it, and it will be carried out strictly following the registration order and as long as weather conditions allow it.)

Parallel activities and recommendations


* Exhibition. Sketches by French comic artist, cartoonist, traveller and writer Troubs (Jean Marc Troubet). During this exhibition it will be possible to purchase- if you wish to do so- some of his original sketches.

* Rogation. In case we face a cloudless sky, we have prepared a rogation to be sung in procession to Néfele, Greek Goddess of clouds. You can listen to the music here below. Pick the singing voice that suits you better… (and you should rehearse too, so you do not sing out of tune). 

Cyanometer Barreiros. Stroll lecture with some portable cyanometer models, the way H.B. de Saussure made them back in 1789, with the aim of measuring the intensity of the blue colours in the sky.


- Bring a lounger for the nap under the clouds , and a camera, of course...
- Bring warm clothes and comfortable shoes to stroll in the countryside, in case the weather finally decides to cool down.


DOWNLOAD POSTER of the III Cloudspotting Congress (spanish, jpeg, 2.0 MB)

DOWNLOAD DOSSIER of the III Cloudspotting Congress (spanish, pdf, 3.3 MB)

DOWNLOAD PROGRAMME leaflet (spanish, pdf, 1.3 MB)


Previous editions of the Cloudspotting Congress:



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